DEQ Change Foundation


The Board of Directors, the Executive Council and Associates of DEQ Change Foundation are very
grateful to God Almighty for seeing the Foundation through the year 2018.

The Foundation holds the vision of refining human potentials and revamping rural development. The
activities and projects of the Foundation are solidified on four (4) pillars. DEQ Change Foundation also
renders the following services;
 ?Community Based Training/Sensitization and Rural Development Programs
? Livelihood Support/Restoration Projects
 ?Human Settlement Planning and Implementation
 ?Business Management and Financial Management Training
 ?Project and Program Monitoring and Evaluation
? Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Planning, Implementation and Monitoring.

The year 2018 saw some positive marks as the Foundation witnessed;
 ?an increase in operational assets,
 ?an improvement of administrative functions,
? successful organisation of the third edition Nzema Excellence Awards (NzEA 2018),
 ?successful completion of the ENI Ghana Livelihood Restoration Project – Financial Management
Training at Sanzule, and
?improvement in human resource and personnel strength.

Notwithstanding the good news of the year, there were few challenges that were face by the Foundation.
Among the issues that battled the Foundation included; lack of funding for programs and activities,
delayed in the payment of remuneration and allowances, inability to conduct skilled training of council
members and Associates in the year 2018 and ineffective coordination of Associates.

We wish to express appreciation to our sponsors and partners who supported our activities in 2018
especially Adamus Resources Ltd, Nzema Manle Rural Bank Ltd, ENI Ghana Ltd, Records Tymz
Services, Trust Consult Ltd, Hon. Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah-Ellembele MP, Hon. Paul Essien -Jomoro MP. The Foundation is grateful for the philanthropic works of Madam Sabina Bilson.

DEQ Change Foundation, in the course of working towards the achievement of it vision, plans to embark
on the following programs and activities in 2019:

?Completion of the Research on the Training and Development needs of the Youth
 ?Organisation of 2019 Progressive Summit; a training and development seminar in Western
 ?Conduct a research on issues affecting rural community development.
 ?Preparation and planning for the fourth edition of Nzema Excellence Awards (NzEA 2020).
? MaLiBet Project; empowerment program for students in Highs Schools and persons in the
informal sector (traders, artisans and etc).
 ?Regularization of activities of Associates.

The Foundation shall need financial assistance with respect to executing the programs and activities for
the year 2019. DEQ Change Foundation therefore extends request to organizations and individuals for
support to finance its budgets for 2019 through its bankers: Nzema Manle Rural Bank Ltd (Aiyinase)
and Ankobra West Rural Bank Ltd (Esiama).

The Foundation is glad to support and partner corporate organizations and institutions on the planning
and implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies and projects in communities in
Western Region. This offer is in line with the mission of the Foundation.
For: DEQ Change Foundation

Daniel Amihere
(PSI Director)

Ackah Blay
(Programs Director)

Samuel Anlimah
(R&D Director)

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