DEQ Change Foundation

Who We Are

Refining Human Potentials & Revamping Rural Development

About Us

DEQ Change Foundation is an NGO in Ghana, Western Region that is focused on revamping rural development and refining human potential. Over the past 10 years, the Foundation has implemented several projects and programs in various communities in the western region. The Foundation has the goal of facilitating community development, improving service delivery in rural areas, enhancing the implementation of corporate social responsibility programs/projects of organizations.


Our Vision

The vision of DEQ Change Foundation is to be the premier NGO in Ghana focusing on Refining Human Potentials as well as Revamping Rural Development to enhance Development, Excellence and Quality Change.

Our Mission

The mission of DEQ Change Foundation survives on five (5) main pillars;

Pillar One

To be an outstanding organization focused on supporting and enhancing the implementation of policies and programs of private organization, institutions and government. 

Pillar Two

To conduct educative programs and events aimed at refining human potentials to accelerate Development, Excellence and Quality Change.

Pillar Three

To embark on any activity or business that would revamp rural development.

Pillar Four

To support corporate organizations and private institutions in the accomplishment of their corporate social responsibilities.

Pillar Five

To collaborate with Traditional Authorities, CBOs and Other NGOs in the
implementation of their development agenda.

Organizational Structure

The day to day management of the foundation is the responsibility of a 12-member executive council with the help of an 8-member board of directors

More About Us

Office Location

We are located at Esiama, behind Nasona Petrol Shell and just before Wantapa Hotel

Work Hours

Monday -Friday: 09.00 – 5:00PM
Saturday & Sunday: Office Closed