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Ask a little, it will not kill you! – UCC graduate advices.

One of the best ways to learn is to inquire from a knowledgeable person of something that you are interested in knowing more about. Knowledge is shared through enquiries, series of questioning and probing further to better your understanding of a concept. It will be a fallacy to think that you know something when you have not taken the pain to learn of and about that thing.

One mistake that the youth of our generation mostly do, especially when looking for something or someone is to go straight to that thing or that person without asking around about that phenomenon. We more often hit the door of someone who may not be available at that time before realizing that there were people around who could have been of help in that situation. Ask a little, it will not kill you to ask! Stop pressing your phone, greet people and inquire from them about where you’re going.

It was heartbroken to witnessed an account of someone who was going to Accra for the first time. He was asked by his recipient to alight at Malam Junction. This guy sat in the bus, couldn’t ask anyone or even the bus conductor or the driver’s mate about it until the bus finally stopped at Kwame Nkrumah Circle. What a shocking news! How much will you pay for making a simple enquiry about the transit points on the route to your destination? It pays to ask questions.

This attitude of not asking questions about anything becomes worrying when the party involved is an apprentice of any kind. As a professional, I expect my trainees to ask questions for clarification on any subject relating to their apprenticeship. However, when the trainee is passive in asking questions, it becomes very difficult to explain further when you have exhausted all the processes and procedures involved in cutting or sewing a given design.

I believe effective communication to be a two-way communication where the presenter require feedback from his listeners. Asking questions and demanding answers makes communication complete. In the same way, being inquisitive about something helps better your understanding and makes you feel satisfied. Be a little inquisitive!

Samuel Anlimah – MPhil
CEO, SA Designs
UCC, Cape Coast

4 thoughts on “Ask a little, it will not kill you! – UCC graduate advices.”

  1. Emmanuel Kwasi Ngissah

    Great piece. Sometimes its pride that makes we the youth not to make enquiries about things. We feel we know when we know not. We later end up in a mess. I side with the writer to ask a little, it won’t kill us.

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