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Business Talk

During the Bonsa Zonal Worship at Tamso Central Church on Saturday, 2nd November, 2019, Richfield Quarshie had the privilege of being the speaker for a Business Talk.

He treated the subject, CREDIT AND ADVANCES (LOANS). Humbly, Richfield presented the various forms of loans and types which are typically designed by lending institutions. Also, he presented a detail explanation of features of loans: principal, interest, charges, maturity period/duration, repayment plan and guarantee.

A 11 points “Things To Know” about loan and 8 points “Things To Consider” before contracting a loan were explained. He also tackled lessons on loan default management and other headings under loans.

The numerous questions and contributions from a congregation of about 200 as well as the discussion that ensued after the service provided a feedback that an impact has been made.

We are grateful to God and leadership of the church and congregation present for that wonderful time. Special thanks to Elder Yalley.
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