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Covid-19: Greetings From Esiama

I sit on my single bed in my single room, gazing at my two oranges and an alcohol based hand sanitizer on a small table next to my bed, to word this piece; right away from Esiama. Warm greetings to you: wherever your location may be, as you pause to read this piece.

Following the outbreak of Covid-19, a very dreadful pandemic disease that has caused a complete immobility of the world, which has impasse the progress of the world economy, most especially the affected geographical areas has got me cogitating.

Here in Ghana, the wrath of Covid-19 has led the nation into a situation where Government is extremely begging and spending, the rich is losing, the poor is crying, business is collapsing, some market actors are not selling nor buying, teachers and lecturers are home, some schools resorting to e-learning – which is however, a heavy challenge to face due to the cost of internet data. In smaller words, mother Ghana is in a state of severity.

I have observed that part of the opposition has taken their seat to constructively criticize the decision of the ruling caucus – a step in the right direction to put the government on its toes for a better Ghana. The other part of the opposition has also cemented their position to downplay the works and intelligence of the government to an extent of spreading misinformation in all sense to platforms available to them. Before I advance, a hard working horse deserves claps and songs of praise. On this note, some opposition party leaders, NGOs, media organizations and individuals which are doing their best to donate food, PPEs and any other materials needed to curb this pandemic collectively is appreciable. And of course social communicators, health personnel and other citizens giving prepositions and advice to the government as well as social media users who are using their respective platforms to help spread calm, must not be left out in any praise of this sort.

Ghana has so far, at the moment as I word this, ran 37,954 tests in the mass testing exercise.

“In terms of testing of the Coronavirus, Ghana, on the basis of the available data we have, is in the top 20 of countries in the world and on the basis of this data too, in Africa, we are number one per capita in terms of testing. In terms of numbers of tests, South Africa is number one and we are second but in terms of testing per capita in terms of testing per our population, we are leading in the continent.”- The vice president, Dr. Bawumia disclosed this during the launching of the Covid-19 App.

This testing exercise also shows that Ghana is doing better than some of the advanced countries that are well-equipped. This is not a time for comparism but when it’s necessary, it becomes appreciable.

The 37,954 Covid-19 mass testing gave these statistics: 636 confirmed positive cases which comprises of 17 patients fully recovered, 8 death cases and 611 responding well to treatment. This presumes that we might see a massive progress in recovery soon.

The above statistics from the Ministry of Information also established the point that Ghana is chasing the virus. Hence, it must be noted that, anytime there’s increment in the number of cases, it is equated to work in progress – curb to this pandemic.

On 14th April, 2020, the Ministry of Communication led by Hon. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful in collaboration with the office of the vice president launched Covid-19 App tracker. The said app would function and ease the tracking of people with Covid-19 symptoms. Individuals with no smart phones are asked to dial *566# for the same service. This is another means added to national fight against Covid-19. Yet, another demonstration of digitization and what technology can do in this trying times. I am proudly part of the crop of people that sing “Tech is the future”

It is now clear, based on evidence, that Ghana is using what I’ve termed “Triple T” which means Tracing, Testing and Treating.

Respectfully, do your best as a citizen to adhere to the health protocols and stay safe. Let’s fight with the President. The very first line of our national anthem “God bless our homeland Ghana” means a lot and it inspires. Thus, when you go down on your knees don’t forget mother Ghana. This too shall pass!

Mastar Bilson- A concerned citizen.

He is also an Associate of DEQ Change Foundation

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