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Decide in December

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“For everything there is a season and a time … ” (The Bible, Eccl.3:1). Our time is in years, months, days, hours, seconds and moments. Time has been the only true unit of measurement.
The best assessment of oneself is on the basis of time: Comparing Yesterday (past) to Today (present), and setting a plan for Tomorrow (future). Making comparison with others (friends, families and standards) is good but could cause headache.
*This is December, the month of decision. Decide in this month, by reflecting on the past decisions and plan to be guided by your decisions in the future.*
Decide in December before January comes for indecision is a decision.
Good day
It’s time with Richfield A. Quarshie.
Date: Folɛ, Ewile bolo Nyɛma Ɛbolo Siane 1, 2018
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