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Depoliticize Education – Mr. Eduku Danyie

Eduku Danyie writes…

Never in our educational history has a government through Ghana Education Service (GES) procured a compilation of Past Questions, popularly known as “Pasco”, to be given to final year students to study ahead of major terminal exams. What the government and GES did with that singular irresponsible act was to tell the students that just learn the Pasco and you’re good to go. So, I am surprised that people are surprised that the students are on rampage because nothing came from the “holy gift” from their father who calls them his graduates.

The Director General (DG) of GES and anybody who advised the government to do that can’t exonerate themselves from blame. This must be the first and last of this move. “Pasco” isn’t bad, but for GES to actually compile and give to students is unethical and smacks of “apor” as the students believed.

We must take deliberate moves to depoliticize our education, else what we are seeing will explode in our faces. As for the insults the kids directed at the President, it’s most unfortunate and condemnable, but then again, they are product of society and what they are doing is a mirror of our current society.

In educational psychology, nurture and nature determine a lot in students’ behavior, performance and ultimately their academic well-being. What we are seeing from the children can be attributed to either nurture (environmental factors) or nature (natural factors), but I dare say the former is responsible for their uncouth behavior which is a direct effect of society’s failings.

For students to have the nerve to call a President with unprintable names is at the height of societal failure and we must all bow in shame. It’s unacceptable, regrettable and most unfortunate.

The dwindling level of discipline in our schools is becoming endemic as students’ “rights”, though important, has been placed above discipline which has made most Teachers powerless in their quest to instill discipline in them.

The ultimate losers in this educational enterprise is “Society” and therefore all stakeholders must endeavor to do what’s expected of them in the nurturing of these young ones whose future we seem to be playing chess with. Depoliticize education. Get the best out of kids in schools. #teachthemright.

Mr. Matthew Eduku Danyie is the Head of Communication of DEQ Change Foundation.

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