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Who is a DEQ Change Associate

DEQ Change Associates are the individuals (experts, students, workers and etc) who have interest in the activities and programs of the Foundation and as well support the Foundation in the achievement of its vision and objectives.

The Associates:

i.             Support the organization of events and programs of the Foundation.

ii.            Serve as implementation organ (human resource) of the Foundation.

iii.           Senior Associates serve as role models and trainers to Learning Associates.

iv.           Some members of Senior Associates serve on Advisory and Steering Committees of various programs and projects.

v.            Learning Associates serves as Volunteers of the Foundation.

A section of DEQ Associates

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What other Associates Had to say

I am very proud to be a DEQ Associate. I have benefited a lot from this and obtained several experiences which are scarce to come by.
Faustina Arthur
The opportunity to meet all the big names that I hear about is unparralled
Adonle Blay