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Education, Competence and Politics – Matthew Eduku Danyie

We go to school, attain knowledge and certificates in specific professions due to varied reasons.
Someway somehow, we enter into politics and all of a sudden our certificates don’t matter again. People are appointed into offices regardless of the certificates they hold.

Has anybody listened to Hon Abban, Hon Matthew Opoku Prempeh and Hon Oko Boye (deliberately omitted the Dr. titles of the last two personalities) and tell me who is the deputy Health minister among them?

Hon Abban always easily deferred to “experts” whenever he was on any TV/Radio program and rightly so because he had less knowledge of the subject matter (covid-19).

Dr Opoku Prempeh may be doing “well” in the education sector, but I tell you he would have served Ghana better in the health sector than he’s doing in the education sector. Hope you remember his “if you move, the virus moves” mantra?

Dr Oko Boye has won the admiration of many Ghanaians and rightly so because of his understanding of the virus and it isn’t by accident; he’s a Dr.! Now tell me how you expect Hon Abban (lawyer) to do same as the former?

Going forward, let’s encourage the powers that be to appoint people into offices based on qualification and competence rather than for any other reason. Who in Ghana today would disagree with Dr Oko Boye’s appointment?

There are many similar examples in the current government and I think the President should do more. Should I mention Dr. Adu Twum as deputy Minister of Education whiles Hon Opoku Prempeh is the main? Who among those two speak authoritatively on education issues? Hope you listened to him at the start of the FSHS implementation. Need I continue?

This should not be happening; we can’t continue putting square pegs in round holes. Let people do what they know how to do best even in politics.


Eduku Danyi Jnr
Teacher and Head of Public Relations, DEQ Change Foundation

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