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Follow these Processes – Progressive Summit 2019

1. The conference will be held on Sunday, 22nd Sept, 2019 at AYA Community Center, Ampain at 1:00pm.

2. Locate *Delcielo Eye and Optical Services* at one of the summer hats at AYA for a free 👀 eye screening.

3. Look for Gifty or Priscilla, to buy a 🎫 Ticket with Cash, at AYA Community centre in front of the Conference Hall. They will be in white designed T-shirt.

4. If you have a Code, kindly look for Selassie to confirm your PS_4 Code and be issued a 🎫 Ticket.

5. After you have received your code, either through purchase or code confirmation, move through the main 🚪 door and be ushered to your 💺 seat.

6. Endeavor to have your name and details registered as you take your seat at the conference Hall or visit to register.

7. It’s time to learn. See you on Sunday, Sept 22, 2019.

“`DEQ Change Foundation.“`

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