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I have come to realise that we did not cherish and valued what is ours. Our tradition, our language and our leaders are have all not been held in high esteem for onlookers to follow suit. For instance, our Nkrumah was hailed and worshipped but we, the owners of our own, did not give him that accord.

This moved the outsiders to stop worrying themselves with how they valued our heritage. It is similar to a woman who worship and adore her husband. The Bible says, her husband is equally praised, honoured and highly respected by all in society. That is the reason why The Old Book says,

Raalɛ kpalɛ biala le ɔ hu abotile.

It used to be the tradition in those days that people with titles and positions covered their heads, a tradition similar to what the Nigerian title men do. But if their women do not respect and give them the proper recognition they deserve, society will follow suit.

Hence, women became the head gears that cover their husbands heads. Let us be head gears to our people and culture for outsiders to learn from us.

By Seth Nretia Essien – Ellembele

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