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Message to all Delegates – NAFOND

The National Alliance for Nzema Development (NAFOND) greets all delegates of the NDC, especially the two constituencies in the Nzemaland, Jomoro and Evalue Gwira Ajomoro as they proceed to the polls to elect their respective candidates who will be potential Members of Parliament come 2020.It is the turn of the NDC today and it will be the turn of NPP, CPP etc tomorrow.We advise all delegates have at the back of their minds that, they are representing all Nzemas in their respective constituencies today and are therefore urged to vote:For competence, for genuineness, not for cash, not for popularity without works, in all that good conscience requires, your personal or selfish interest.Dear delegate, be bold and ask the right questions, get the right answers and make sure that whoever you vote for has realistic and genuine plans to improve the lives of the people in the communities, constituencies and to contribute to national development.Remember that voting for the wrong reasons makes you a disappointment to your people, a bad future for the generation and unborn.Accepting cash means you are selling your peace, future and that of your community, hospitals, good roads and other needed developmental projects.
Long live Nzemaland, long live Ghana.
NAFOND.Source: NAFOND+233 26 515 1319

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