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You need to know, "Passion is not Enough"

I have the passion to become a keyboardist, a tailor, a dancer, among others is not enough to make you any of those professionals. Having passion for something or being passionate about something is a strong desire to possess that thing. Having a strong desire for something without putting in the needed effort to achieve that profession is a mere daydream, you wake up from sleep and it ends there.

To become skillful in any profession requires passion, that’s the driving force, training in that profession, hard work, patience and perseverance to endure all situations and all setbacks. Let me take them one after the other and expatiate the above mentioned ingredients.

First and foremost, you need passion to learn any trade or any profession. I must be frank with you. Passion is the only drive that will propel you to keep moving. Even the appetite to start learning a new trade if fueled by your desire for that trade, passion. It’s not bad to have passion for something. However, there’s everything wrong with you thinking that the passion you have for that profession alone will make you a professional. Add training to your passion for that profession.

Secondly, you need training in order to advance in that profession. There are different forms of training; formal and informal, coaching, mentoring, apprenticeship, discipleship are all forms of training that one can opt to learn a particular skill. No matter the for of training employed, the bottom line is your ability to learn and become skillful in that profession. You registering your presence for the training is not enough to earn you a profession. Add hard work to your training.

The third ingredient to be considered is hard work. Hard work in your training session includes all seriousness that you attach to the learning process; being regular at work and reporting to work in time, being highly enthusiastic about your responsibilitiesand asking the appropriate questions are all part of being hard working. Hard work also includes being humble enough to learn from everyone that has knowledge about what you are learning and is ready to teach you. It also includes the deligent execution of all instructions given you and reporting any difficulty thereof to the appropriate quarters. Hard work is very essential but definitely not enough. Add to your hard work, patience and perseverance.

The last ingredients to be considered are patience and perseverance. Life is full of challenges and setbacks. The same applies to learning any trade or profession. The journey is not smooth and will never be, even in generations to come. The only thing that will sustain you in time of difficulty is your patience to wait and your perseverance to endure all situations knowing that it will end in success. Patience will ensure that wait amidst difficulties hopping that a better time will surely come. Having the believe that “there is light at the end of the tunnel”. Perseverance on the other hand will guarantee that you don’t quit or give up in the process of learning due to difficulties or challenges encountered. Those with persevering attitude believe that “quitters never win and winners never quit”. They always ride over impossibilities. They count the joys at the end of the journey than the challenges in the course of the journey.

Having passion for something is not enough, add to your passion, training, hard work, patience and perseverance and you’ll achieve greatness.


Samuel Anlimah

CEO, SA Designs

UCC, Cape Coast

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