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Somebody – Music Track by Jared Biney


Jared Biney is an Associate of DEQ Change Foundation

To all in anticipation. The release of JARED’s maiden single #Somebody on Thursday, 20/06/’19 will kick off at exactly 4pm on facebook Live, through this my official page (account) inside prosbeaTz’ studios.

Choosing a radio station for this exercise will create limitation to participation. Therefore, the decision to choose Facebook due to its large coverage and easy access to friends and loveones.

To be able to join the live session will require that you #Like or #Follow this page in order to access it.

Soon after OFFICIAL RELEASE is announced;

⭐ Links to access the AUDIO on various digital platforms will be posted to aid your download.

⭐⭐ Links to access the LYRICS VIDEO which will enable you familiarize easily with the song will be posted.

⭐⭐⭐ Few Radio Stations will start with airplay.

Your support has so far been massive and therefore appreciated. The more is expected.

Please, #LIKE_and_SHARE to reach SOMEBODY to also inform SOMEBODY about SOMEBODY by JARED.

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