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The Start Up Pitch – Progressive Summit 2019

You aren’t on a lonely journey, your colleagues are interested in your entrepreneurial stories, no matter how it is.

There a lot of young guys and ladies who have started a business or pursuing a course in the various field; they have intriguing stories that will move you.

Be present at 12:00, the first hours before presentation at Progressive Summit 2019 starts. The *Start Up Pitch* is a platform for young entrepreneurs to dialogue mutually among each other.

The one-hour round table brainstorming session will be hosted by Emmanuel Acquah, from Accra, Chartered Manager, and Author of *Rising from the Deep* from Accra.

To participate in the Start Up Pitch WhatsApp

Note: It’s only for Young Business Leaders (both profit and non-profit making organizations)

Progressive Summit 2019
Sunday, 22nd September, 2019 at AYA Community Center.
DEQ Change Foundation.

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