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Unnoticed Change

Richfield Tendɛ…

There are a series of major changes occurring in our individual lives that are unnoticed.
There are also great alterations in our societies that have not been observed and unnoticed.

The unnoticed change in one’s life is a person’s improving or degrading behavior which gradually affects his/her life constituents.
The unnoticed social change is creeping perception held by a number of people in a community which alters the behavior patterns of the constituents of that community.

Change is constant and very good but unnoticed change is just like the ship’s captain refusing to use his map. Look around for that change which is occurring in your life or society and take advantage: if it’s positive, pursue it; if it’s negative, amend it.

It’s time with Richfield A. Quarshie.
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Date: Kizile, February 4, 2019
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