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Value Today's Possessions

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Everyone attaches greater value to that which he/she seeks. Having received and gotten that which was happily sort for, we tend to undervalue it as time passes by. That object or something we posses or own today which is undermined now was yearned for and it gave joy and relief in time past.

How can we loose interest and disregard in that which brought happiness some time ago? Time! Time through expectations, exposure and experience have a tendency to cause us to undervalue what we have today. And having lost what we have, time again will review their value to us once more.

Don’t be obsolete, seek for new things, set new targets, explore new experience, but don’t undervalue what you have today. If one has a diploma certificate, he/she would not soil, spoil, or tear it up while seeking for a degree certificate. Value today’s possessions, it is the foundation on which the new being sort for shall be gained.

It’s time with Richfield A. Quarshie.
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Date: Kule, Jan 1, 2019
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